A multi-currency account is all you need.
  • IBAN Prepared;
  • EUR/GBP/USD/HKD Supported;
Exchange currency within CBI Money without high conversion fees.
  • Preferential Exchange Rate;
  • Zero Extra Service Charge;
Access to the European market with our multi-channel payment platform. Contactless, fast and efficient payment methods tailored for your business.
  • Integrated Payment Platform;
  • Instant Funds Transfers to Europe and worldwide;
  • Always Stay Informed with E-notification.
Integrate flexible recurring payment plans into your business.you could create a secure payment link on your website.
  • Collect payments in UK/Eurozone;
  • Minimise failed payments.
Keep your money in your pocket, literally.
  • Pay Expenses Online or In-store in Multiple Currencies.
We are here to support your business with card based payments.
  • Merchant Acquiring Service;
  • Accurate Settlement System;
  • Customer-Centric.